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You go way past farm-to-table…straight to farm-to-life. You buy certified organic lettuce, eggs, steaks, and toothpaste, but when it comes to personal products, you’ve never thought it about it before. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of it for you.

Why don’t we begin at the beginning, with what constitutes an organic product and why it’s so important to so many people? At the most basic level, the human body benefits from raw, unadulterated nutrients, which break down easily because they are recognizable to our system. The introduction of genetically engineered or modified organisms can alter efficiency. Avoiding chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides is widely considered the healthiest method of maintaining our inner zen.

Our USDA certified organic NATURALOVE series, is formulated with more than 95% organic ingredients (and it’s not so easy to gain organic approval, that’s what makes NATURALOVE lube so special!). In order to attain USDA certification, there must be an absolute absence of genetically modified seeds, and livestock cannot be allowed to eat any genetically modified plants. No synthetic additives of any kind can be employed in the foundation of an organic labeled product. The farm has to be pesticide free, and there are even restrictions on what kind of fertilizer can be utilized for growing purposes. Onsite inspections guarantee that regulations are strictly enforced. It’s all very serious business.

For those with sensitive skin, organic soaps and lotions can ease the chance of reaction. The same is true of your lubrication product! The fewer ingredients that can aggravate, the better, so look for a label without strange chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Water-based, the NATURALOVE lubricant is both person and toy friendly, offering a silky, long lasting glide! A pure chamomile preservative system provides the beautiful amber coloring and organic agave creates a smooth texture. Both the original and strawberry flavored lubes use pure leaf and fruit extracts instead of chemical fillers, so your delicate parts are far less likely to respond with an angry, itchy rash.

Let’s not forget that there are other reasons to seek out organic products, not necessarily having anything to do with hives! You will be helping to sustain the overall well being of our planet by supporting eco-sustenance. Preserving agricultural and animal diversity, reducing pollution and protecting resources like water and soil, contributes to a better world for everyone. Farming in harmony with nature equals kinder, gentler results for all the animals living here on earth. The importance of nutrition starts with an individual commitment to the way we consume. Even lubrication products can strive to make a positive impact on saving natural resources and promoting biodiversity! The NATURALOVE series also includes a toy cleaner and feminine body spray, so you can take your organic desires even further.

Natural ingredients that are good for your skin, farmed by practices that create balance in the eco-system – it might not sound sexy right now, but our NATURALOVE organic lube will convince you otherwise!