Great store! The owner is a kind and knowledgeable wonderful woman who is a delight to be around. I highly recommend this store, not only because their prices are fair but the personal interaction with the owner and she was able to help me meet my needs. She also went above and beyond for me when a product had a guarantee return policy and the company didn’t want to comply! Well the owner of suggestive secrets didn’t take that too well and she really went out of her way to help me and resolve the situation and I really appreciate her for that. ( Thank u again ) so definitely my one and only store that I would go to! Enjoy friends

– Skrill

Great store, great staff, make you feel very comfortable and know their stuff, very experienced and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend checking out this store and by the way the prices are very reasonable, ask for Joanne really knows her stuff. Thank you suggestive secrets for the wonderful experience, I will be shopping your store from now on.

– R. Bray

Awesome store , staff is so friendly and definitely knows their stuff …. I was alittle shy at first and Joanne made me feel comfortable enough to ask the questions I was curious about ,, Prices are great and having the personal experience in store was awesome , will return again very soon.


Joanne is so friendly and knowledgeable about all her products. She immediately makes you feel comfortable.

– Judith

The owner Joanne was terrific. She has a large selection of everything!!!

Beautiful lingerie, bright and clean store. Thank you! Joanne, for making me feel welcome.

– Paula

Fantastic place and staff, especially Joanne is very professional.

– Rod

Joanne is so knowledgable, very friendly and super comfortable to talk to while Im shopping. I have been going tot Suggestive Secrets for abut 10 years now. I have purchased a couple bras, the Kamasutra is amazing and comes in different scents. Love it! A few toys and accessories for sure. She has a great selection and has a very nice store and convenient parking. I highly recommend going to check out her store and meet her. She is fabulous.

– Cory

I went in today to make my first “adult” purchase, and the owner made the entire experience a good one. She was very friendly and made conversation, but kept her distance and didnt ask anything to invasive, which helped keep away that awkwaed feeling.

– Ryan

This is the go to store for Sexual Wellness. The owner Joanne is very knowledgeable and friendly. Bachelor and Bachelorette party toys and gags for those events . Grate selection of Sexual wellness Toys. Stockings and lingerie, Kama Sutra, Lubricants, all in all a good selection of products. If you are looking for something that she does not have she can order in for you. Most helpfully and frindly store owner. Most of all makes a rather embracing shopping experience in to a very comfortable and proportional shopping experience. I highly recommend this shop.

– Mary

Nice staff but very small selection of toys and all too many “costumes” as they were exactly the Halloween costumes you would see a college girl in at a house party.

– Katherine

Love this place its very big got anything you need and the owner is a very nice sweet lady and super helpful. I feel very comfortable shopping there and one thing I notice was some items are way cheaper than other sex shops.

– Jason

This store is a little gem! What I thought would be an awkward experience – (for example, I still blush when buying condoms at the drug store) – instead I was so pleasantly surprised! Bashfully entering the Suggestive Secrets Austin store, to look at intimate items, and what I thought would be intimidating, instead, thanks to the owner, Joanna, I felt completely at ease. I really appreciated that she gave me the space to browse and yet was always available to answer any of the questions that I had. She was knowledgeable, patient and nonjudgmental. This is one of the few places left that offers true personal customer service!

– D. w

I had never been in the store before and was very impressed with the selection of toys and lingerie.  Purchased three beautiful bras and the owner was extremely helpful and really knows her stock. I will definitely tell my gal friends where to shop for lingerie and toys.

– Paula M.

I have came to Suggestive Secrets located on austin avenue over the many years since my youth locally for my LGBTQ Individual customer bussiness product needs. Suggestive Secrets adult shop was a great place to do business for all your adult store personal product needs.

The female older staff member that usually works there was always professional. The female staff member always was friendly, caring, compassionate and makes your customer experience quite comfortable and she quite knowledgeable of the different adult products that are sold at the Suggestive Secret Shop.

Many times customers normally would feel quite awkward shopping at any adult product store in public. Not at this nice shop.

However this same female known long time staff member always makes each different customer experience both professional and very comfortable and safe. I feel safe when shopping at this specific adult store. Suggestive Secrets adult products are always safe and non -defective. I have never had one complaint at Suggestive Secrets Coquitlam and I have had zero problems with their sold adult products.

All products have worked quite well in the end and lasted for years. Yes the shop return policy was great. I will be coming back as a customer for many more years to come to do business at Suggestive Secrets in Coquitlam. Thank you for your kind service, but great professional safe business services to me as a customer over the many years of my life. Thank you for your business. 5 Stars without any concern.