Doc Johnson 2 oz. Reverse Vaginal Tightening Cream For Women



Want to REVERSE the sands of time? Introducing REVERSE Tightening Gel for Women from yours truly, Doc Johnson!

Sure, Kegels and Ben Wa Balls help to ensure a tighter vagina, over time… but if you need some reinforcement in a hurry… reach for REVERSE!

This revolutionary formula has a smooth, sleek texture for easy application! A scientific blend of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cocoa and Capsicum was formulated to create a brisk (tingling), full sensation that will have you feeling like it is your first time. Try a touch on your lips first and feel the rush! (If it is too intense, please discontinue use.)

Wait, that’s not all…
If you want to:

• Add to your existing lubrication
• Experience the potential for greater arousal and orgasms
• Multiply the intensity of your partner’s sexual pleasures

Reach for your REVERSE Tightening Gel for Women today!

* Made in the USA
* Wax free formulation
* Great as a POP option!
* 2oz (56g) flip-top bottle
* No Glycerin, Parabens or Glycols