Sometimes while shopping for personal lubricants, the options can be a bit overwhelming for consumers that are new to a our brand, or new to the adult market in general. From the range of viscosities to specialized ingredients, it can be important to explore multiple options in order to learn from the experience first hand. Today, we will take a detailed look into JO H2O GEL – check back later for our feature on JO H2O JELLY, a seemingly similar glide with many exciting features.

Most savvy shoppers will quickly grasp that the added description of GEL or JELLY simply depict a thickened formula; which is absolutely correct. However, there is a bit more to these products than just the perceived thickness or viscosity, it is about how they feel and play, or what they excel at. Let’s compare and contrast some of the differences.

JO H2O GEL plays very much like a thick pillow of lube, improving the comfort of intimate activity. If you were to dispense some of the gel in your palm, and turn your hand upside-down, the lubricant would cling to your palm without dripping. If you kept the GEL in your palm, and softly clapped your hands together, you would notice that the GEL would stay in place very well without stretching or clinging to the other hand. A portion of the gel may switch hands, but it will always have a tendency to stay in place.

This personal lubricant was developed specifically for men due to its signature gel body. This works more intelligently with male strokers, sleeves, and other masturbators, making the solo experience less messy and easier to clean. JO H2O GEL also offers a more price competitive option for male masturbatory use, as an 8 ounce can be purchased for around the same cost as a 4 oz. of JO H2O JELLY. Of course, it is still a great lubricant for intercourse, but it excels at this use. For men interested in prostate stimulation, they will also enjoy hearing that this lubricant sits within the alkaline range, being ideal for backdoor pleasure.

We hope you learned something fun today about our JO H2O GEL, check back soon for more information on our full line of products.